Chukchansi Pow Wow

2018 Pow Wow Year

Princess Brave Application (2018 Pow Wow Year)

Hil-le Hil-le tribal members we are calling all of our artists to see who would like to submit an idea for this Year’s pow wow t-shirt design, these are some ideas the pow wow committee has come up with. Please submit your art work to the Pow wow committee as soon as possible so we can make a decision and start the process for the t-shirts and sweatshirts. The person chosen will receive a stipend from the committee, thank you and we look forward to seeing all the talented tribal member artwork.

Please see below the three ideas for the pow wow t-shirts.

Idea 1.) dream catcher with earth woven into it and unity 2018 above the catcher

Idea 2.) Sage burning in abalone shell the smoke from the sage turns into unity 2018

Idea 3.) chief holding sage and the smoke says unity 2018