Library / Yolowunhiyiw leele’hiyi

With funding through a grant from the Institute of Museums and Library Services, the Picayune Rancheria has a wonderful library situated in the A2 building, facing the Tribal Government offices. There are over 3000 books, so far, on the shelves and more being added all the time. There are books, e-books, magazines, and DVDs for all ages covering many topics. There is a special section for Native American topics. The Librarian has organized themes each month with various activities connected to the theme.

The library also houses a 6 station computer lab. Members can attend computer classes, browse the web, send emails, and sharpen skills.

The library supports all aspects of the Tribal community by organizing or hosting workshops and activities for all entities. Please check the calendar for special events, activities, book clubs and more. Everyone is welcome!