Youth Activities

                                                                                                  Mission Statement

The overall goal of the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians Youth Activities Program is to improve the well-being of the Chukchansi youth, grades 6-12, by providing a safe, positive environment in which youth can have the opportunity to: be exposed to a variety of cultural, educational, recreational, and community service based activities; socialize with Chukchansi and other tribal youth; develop leadership skills to ensure successful and healthy future generations of Chukchansi Indians; have positive role models and mentors who will encourage positive decision making and create awareness of the resources available through tribal and local community programs.

Youth Activities Program Components
The goal of the program is to provide a comprehensive assortment of activities that fall within the scope of five pillars, (Culture, Education, Recreation, Leadership and Community Service). The Chukchansi youth are encouraged to participate in activities from each of the five pillars to earn points which are used to determine which youth are taken to specialized conferences and reward-based trips.

These activities may include, but are not limited to:
• Cultural Activities
• Conferences
• Pow Wows
• Arts and crafts
• Native drumming
• Regalia construction
• Educational Activities
• Tutoring
• Test preparation
• Study sessions
• Book Club
• College site tours
• Field trips of an educational nature
• Academic counseling
• Recreational Activities
• Organized sport teams (basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball)
• Hikes
• Swimming
• Bowling
• Trips to sporting events (baseball, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball)
• Movie nights
• Family barbecues
• Leadership
• Youth Tribal Council
• Youth leadership conferences
• Youth led fundraisers/outreach activities
• Community Service
• Elder visitation
• Assisting with tribal events
• Helping young children
• Helping other tribal members

Eligibility Requirements for Participation in the Chukchansi Youth Activities Program

The eligibility requirements for the Chukchansi Youth Activities Program are:
• Any enrolled youth or youth eligible for enrollment, who is going into 6th grade through graduating 12th grade.
• Only the Educational Coordinator or the Youth Activities Coordinator can make any exception to the above.
• Be of good behavioral standing once a participant and abide by the rules set forth on an activity to activity basis.

Department Activity and Contact Information
Monthly activity calendars and event information will be sent out to youth/parents of, who have filled out an application for the program. Additional mailings will be sent out to youth/parents of, who have not signed up for the program based on the discretion of the Education Coordinator and the Youth Activities Coordinator. The program will be open to any youth who is eligible and applications will be available at any time at the front office or the youth building (A3). Please call or email Kristen to find out what activities are coming up and to get a current activities calendar. Also look on the main calendar for current activities.