“Hil-le Tribal Members!

In recognition of the 15th anniversary of the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino the Tribal Council ordered these Yeti cups with the 15th anniversary logo for our tribal members (one cup per adult tribal member). Inside the cups will be two buffet tickets for the casino buffet. We hope you enjoy it. We did not order a lot of extra so if you have problems getting your mail and you prefer to pick it up, please call the tribal office as soon as possible and let us know 559-412-5590. Also, we will have a box of them at the monthly meeting tonight if you want to pick yours up there. If you do not pick them up all others will go out in the mail later this week. “

With Kind Regards,
Jennifer Ruiz, MBA
PRCI Tribal Council Chairwoman
559-412-5590 – Office