Hil-le Hil-le.

Tribal Council has had another busy couple of weeks and more great news to announce to our Tribal members.

First, we will soon receive the 14th Annual Crystal Tower Award from Yosemite Unified School District, which nominated the Tribe for our contributions to the Greater Madera County community. We also just renewed the Aid to Tribal Government contract, which will enhance services to tribal members including education, elders, ICWA, cultural, among others. Additionally, as we promised, at the last monthly meeting we presented results of the forensic audit that detailed the costs of the Casino’s closure. Shortly following, we will present results of the forensic audit detailing the cost to reopen the Casino.

These updates, along with all that has been accomplished over the past two years, is part of the Council’s continued effort to rebuild tribal government and restart, restructure and revitalize economic development.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Claudia Gonzales
Tribal Chairwoman