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Chukchansi Tribe Resources Page

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The Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians has made many investments in recent years that improve quality of life for Tribal members. Find out more about the Tribe’s successful initiatives here by exploring documents that highlight the expansion of the Tribe’s Sovereign Enterprises and investments in community services and programs that will ensure prosperity for present and future Chukchansi Indians.


Economic Development Fact Sheet: The Tribe invests in its Tribal members through debt reduction, direct benefits programs and expanded housing services

Economic Development Fact Sheet

LIHTC Press Release: Chukchansi Tribe receives state tax credits to build 17 single-family homes

Chukchansi LIHTC Press Release

SONIC Press Release: Chukchansi Tribe opens the first SONIC franchise restaurant ever on Tribal land

Chukchansi SONIC Franchise Release

Debt Reduction Press Release: The Tribe negotiates a historic debt restructure of nearly 70%

CEDA Debt Reduction Release