The PRCI Fiscal Department is a significant contributor to maintaining and improving the welfare of the Tribe. It serves the Tribe by maintaining full accountability of all tribal resources and it provides and insures timely and accurate financial information using sound business practices and methods. Responsibilities range from management, monitoring and disbursement of the Tribe’s resources, procurement of goods and services, and classifying and reporting of all financial transactions of the Tribe. Proper recording and reporting of all grant documentation is also an important function.

The core financial services in the department include the following:

Fiscal Services: Consisting of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Grants Management, and Budget creation and monitoring. It is responsible for the disbursement of payments to vendors in Accounts Payable; managing the Accounts Receivables or amounts due to the Tribe; monitoring billing of all grant funded activities of the Tribe, and recording, reporting and oversight of the Tribal budget.

Financial Accounting and Reporting: A fully integrated computer based accounting system has been in place for several years. It includes the general ledger, accounts payable (for the posting and payment of all vendor checks), and Accounts Receivable. This area is responsible for reporting, monitoring and management of the Tribe’s accounting system. In addition, the bi-weekly Payroll, the monthly Committee and Per Capita distributions are processed by the Fiscal Department through Paychex. In addition, the Tribe’s Capital Asset Management functions which consists of recording, identifying and tracking capital assets of the Tribe are carried out.

The Fiscal Department has also implemented an adequate system of internal controls for cash disbursements, accounts receivable, budgeting, adjustments and accruals, purchasing, payroll and other related areas.

Capital Resource is responsible for managing the Tribe’s investments in accordance with Federal and Tribal laws, and enforcing the Tribe’s Investment Policy.


Finance Director Temp
Michael Neveu
Phone: 559-795-4229
Cell: 559-676-8004

CSE Payroll
Maria Montes
Phone: 559-550-3411

CSE Controller
Rip Washington
Cell: 559-760-7914

PRCI Payroll
Jennifer Bogges
Phone: 559-400-0341

Accounts Payable/Receivable
Angel Day
Phone: 559-795-4197

Staff Accountant
Yvette Rowell
Phone: 559-332-4962